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  • The Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act is also know as California Civil Code 5551 "SB326" for short, this state bill/ Law requires all wood based EEE's (exterior elevated elements) such as condominium decks and walkways to be inspected by licensed professionals. The emphasis of the SB326 law focuses on condo & multi family complexes. This law covers, porches, decks, pedestrian bridges,  walkways, ramps, stairways, and other qualifying elevated structures located over 6 feet above grade.

  • According to the law, HOA's are to have these reports conducted on or before January 1, 2025, and a re-inspections shall occur every 9 years. 

  • In the event the responsible party: homeowner or HOA (depending on CC&R's) refuses to make the required repairs depending on the circumstances, the owner and/or the HOA will be liable for future damages, costs, and lawsuits.

  • Licensed Architects are uniquely qualified to conduct these types of inspections because they have detailed knowledge of not only the structural components, but also the waterproofing assemblies & drainage systems commonly used on EEE's. 

  • Comprehensive visual inspections reports allow homeowners & HOA's to get a true assessment of the condition of the community's EEE's something that is otherwise unknown due to lack of visibility. 

  • If there are life safety concerns observed during the inspection the HOA will be notified immediately. Once the final report has been delivered to the HOA, if there are outstanding EEE's posing life safety risks, the inspection team is required to submit the report to the local building authority.  

  • Nalu Architecture advocates to inspect all EEE's that are accessible during the site inspections, This gives the HOA's a better indicator of the physical state of the community EEE's to better plan, coordinate & prioritize repair & maintenance efforts. 

  • Nalu Architecture offers borescope investigations for decks suspect of internal damage. 

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