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“Nalu” - What it means to us.


Originally a Kauai Native, Founder & President Chris Schumm named our practice after the Hawaiian word “Nalu” meaning: Wave, Surf, To Ponder.


We are dedicated to the preservation and experience of our oceans and natural surroundings; while advocating truly sustainable, simple and passive influences for our building projects. 

Our office dog-son is also named Nalu!

Our Company


Chris Schumm AIA, founded  Nalu Architecture, inc after over a decade of experience in the architectural and construction industries. With an emphasis in commercial project administration & architectural consulting, coupled with working in a range of commercial markets, Chris chose to develop a diversified practice that serves the needs of our clientele by teaming with other talented professionals who share a mutual desire to provide quality services and outstanding value. Nalu Architecture, Inc. has experience in a wide range of service markets from large project full service architectural consulting to serving as a technical adviser for specialized building waterproofing concerns. The bulk of Nalu Architecture’s clientele consist of home & business owners, real estate developers, real estate investment trust’s, property managers, HOA’s, and general contractors.


The pro synopsis: 

Chris Schumm founded Nalu Architecture, Inc. in 2017 after years of experience in architecture, building forensics & construction management. He is a graduate of the school of hard knocks! And has earned his architectural licensure through experience & dedication to the practice of architecture. Schumm has a proven track record of compelling & creative design, management, and comprehensive technical abilities. He is well-versed in multiple construction types with an emphasis on multiple occupancy type/ mixed use developments, academic, retail, medical and commercial dwellings. He has worked on projects throughout California, Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Florida. Chris’s unique upbringing in architecture has allowed him to learn all aspects of the architectural enterprise. He is extremely hands on and fully capable of delivering all phases of architectural projects, from entitlement & building programming, to final project closeout.

Schumm supervises all architectural operations required to facilitate project goals by implementing production milestone reviews & quality protocols. He also personally conducts periodic on-site observations of the work and attends on site construction meetings. Whether the project is large or small, systematic planning and execution need to be strategically aligned with the client’s expectations, budget and time frame. 

Chris Schumm
Laura Leitz



Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, she is responsible for the firm’s financial operations: directing and orchestrating company financial goals and obligations, ensuring integrity of financial statements, cash management strategies, and maintaining a financially solvent design practice.

Laura Schumm is instrumental in the day to day operations required in a growing architecture practice, Her diversified background in Federal Regulations, Marine Conservation, Quality Assurance, Industry Operations, Customer Relations and Philanthropic Leadership has made her invaluable to Nalu Architecture. Her passion for the preservation of our oceans & environment are inspirational our design considerations. We are all extremely proud that Laura is currently learning the architectural practice & has started the process of earning her architectural licensure through experience. 

Business Operations:

Laura assists in the firms operation management and the project team in processing agreements for clients and consultants. In the ever-changing, working environment of architecture, she helps the firm to continue moving forward. Laura also leads the companies digital marketing efforts. 

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